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50th Issue Cover

Art Challenge Results

As you no doubt noticed on your way in, the winner of the Fanzing 50th Issue Cover Challenge was for "Nifty Fifty".

We now present to you the runners-up.

Be sure to click on these pictures to examine them close-up. The real beauty's in the details. People with current standard browsers will actually see the images floating in front of them, where you can move them around to your pleasure. Those with older browsers will see them in a separate window and will have to hit their "Back" buttons to return here.

Attack of the 50 Foot Fuzzball "Attack of the 50 Foot Fuzzball" by The Brothers Grinn

An inventive use of the 50. Obviously going for a parody of the old movie, which is why the Fuzzball has arms, legs and a mouth. (You can't attribute that to their not being familiar with the Fuzzball; they designed the little guy...or not-so-little-guy in this case!)

I Remember When "I Remember When" by Matt Rhys

Inventive use of visual storytelling...and the gray fuzzball is a nice touch to symbolize the number 50, as if issues were years to a Fuzzball. Perhaps Fuzzball-years are like dog-years...

Or perhaps this is the Fuzzball in a few years from now, harking back to the glory days?

Batman, Flash and Green Lantern "Batman, Flash and Green Lantern" by Robert Bavington

Awesome linework. Also, great expressions: Grim, Proud and Determined to get the job done.

Etrigan "Etrigan" by Russ Yocum

Etrigan seems to have outdone himself on lighting the candles...

Sentinels of Magic "Sentinels of Magic" by Russ Yocum

What can I say? Another beautiful piece of color art from Russ Yocum!

Shapeshifters "Shapeshifters" by Russ Yocum

An obvious attempt to curry favor with Fanzing's Editor-At-Very-Large, this piece features Elongated Man as well as some of the other shapeshifters of the DCU.

You have to love the way Batman strains under the Fanzing Bullet while Wonder Woman and Superman support it by a fingertip apiece.

Still Fighting "Still Fighting" by Stephen Legge

This is sweet! Morgan looks like he's ready to strike his unseen enemy. The intent look on his face and tensed muscles really contribute alot to the piece.

When not drawing funny looking spandex clad super-heros, Russ Yocum divides his time between church, substitute teaching, 2 Siberian Huskies, a ferret, a green anole, assorted tropical fish, homeschooling his sons Russell Jr and Zeke, doting on his wife, Jo and drafting run-on sentences! In his SPARE time he is considering building an ark!

The Brothers Grinn have a web site at and have written and drawn a story for our first comic book, "Fanzing Presents: Job Wanted", which can be purchased at Too Many!

The highly odd Mathew D Rhys is an obsessive storyteller and family man whose wife graciously allows him to prattle aimlessly, and gives him no end of joy in life. He hopes to one day write comics his son can read. You can read his original character fiction at

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