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Past Art Challenge Winners

Fanzing and Le Musee de Bivolo have now opened a new wing showing the winners of past art challenges.

Be sure to click on these pictures to examine them close-up. The real beauty's in the details. People with current standard browsers will actually see the images floating in front of them, where you can move them around to your pleasure. Those with older browsers will see them in a separate window and will have to hit their "Back" buttons to return here.

Kingdom Cookies "Kingdom Cookies" by Bill Wiist

Winner of the Everyday Life Art Challenge

Zoo Crew "Zoo Crew" by The Brothers Grinn

Winner of the Action Art Challenge

Batgirl "Batgirl" by Christian Moore

Winner of the 1st Annual Swimsuit Art Challenge

Green Lantern vs. Banana Man "Green Lantern vs. Banana Man" by Christian Moore

Winner of the Silver Age Covers Art Challenge

Superman - Daredevil Crossover "Superman/Daredevil" by Christian Moore

Winner of the Crossover Art Challenge

Batman rubber "Bat Rubber" by The Brothers Grinn

Winner of the Public Service Ad Art Challenge

"Adam Strange Movie Poster" by Kurt Belcher; designed by Michael Hutchison

Winner of the Movie Poster Art Challenge

Starfire "Starfire" by Ray of Ray's Super-Heroines

Winner of the 2nd Annual Swimsuit Art Challenge

Mr. Mxyzptlk for PEZ "Mr. Mxyzptlk for PEZ" by Christian Moore

Winner of the Advertisement Art Challenge

"Azrael" by Thomas Chung

Winner of the Costume Redesign Art Challenge

"Vibe's JLA " by Aaron J. Sams

Winner of the Desktop Wallpapers Art Challenge

Superman Romps It Up"Superman Romps It Up" by Bill Wiist

Winner of the Third Annual Swimsuit Art Challenge

Darkseid vs. Ambush Bug "Darkseid vs. Ambush Bug" by The Brothers Grinn

Winner of the Action Art Challenge

Poison Ivy "Poison Ivy" by Larry O'Keefe

Winner of the Villain Profiles Art Challenge

Nightwing "Nightwing" by Lori Sammy

Winner of the Fourth Annual Art Challenge

Last Supper "Last Supper" by Larry O'Keefe

Winner of the Painting Parody Art Challenge

Implosion Crisis "Implosion Crisis" by Phil Meadows

Winner of the Comic Parody Art Challenge

Donna Troy "Donna Troy" by Rosaline Terrill

Winner of the Fifth Annual Swimsuit Art Challenge

Roy G. Bivolo, also known as the Rainbow Raider, left a lucrative career at DC to beome the host of Fanzing's art gallery. Color blind since birth, he has carved a reputation as an artiste extraordinaire.

is a professional graphic artist, and has penciled comics for Illusion Studios and Newbreed Comix. Folks on the Dixonverse board know him as Earth 2 Robin. Chris lives in the sticks of Kentucky with his lovely wife Cindy, his young son Andrew, his lazy dog Buggaloo, and his ever-growing collection of DC related toys and memorabilia. Chris is one of the artists on our first comic book, "Fanzing Presents: Job Wanted", which can be purchased at Too Many!

Bob Riley (1970-2001) was a fan artist with a flair for Timm-style animated art. He worked with several industry pros and helped design numerous graphics for Fanzing. See Bob Riley's tribute here.

Marla F. Fair has a blurb

Yusuf Madhiya is one of Fanzing's cover artists. Hailing from India, Yusuf 's artwork is also on display at his website.

Matthew Minnich AKA Mervson, is a published children's illustrator, college teacher and floral packaging and web/graphic designer, with aspirations of ongoing illustration work.

Fanzing's Art Coordinator is a professional Illustrator and a Legion of Superheroes fan. He's a native of Mobile, Alabama, but is currently in Madison, Wisconsin. Phil's art is showcased in our first comic book, "Fanzing Presents: Job Wanted", which can be purchased at Too Many!

hails from Washington, where she operates Orelinde's Realm. Roz is the cover artist for our first comic book, "Fanzing Presents: Job Wanted", which can be purchased at Too Many!

Kevin Voith runs the website KaveComics where he publishes SAST.

Bill Wiist is a full-time artist and freelance writer for the Courier-Journal in Louisville, KY. He HATES gray walls and spends most of his time wishing he were on a beach.

Melissa Wilson has been drawing fanart for 15 years. Her first major influences were Wendy Pini and George Perez. She's snuck in as many art courses as she could manage in college, would like to take more, and loves collecting anything about Guy Gardner or Fushigi Yuugi.

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