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    by Ye Olde Editor, Michael Hutchison

    Discussed this month: Saying goodbye and all that

    It's time to say goodbye to the monthly Fanzing.

    This magazine has been my life...and such a great, fulfilling part of my life for so long, that I hate to leave it behind. But I must.

    In 1997, I was 27 years old, single, living in Roseville, MN and lonely. I'd just moved to the big Twin Cities and didn't have a lot of friends outside of work. I was burying myself in writing and web design work. And then one of my web pages, a lengthy dissertation on the various histories of J'onn J'onzz, caught the eye of Marc Campbell, the editor of Fanzing. He invited me to write for it, and after a few articles I cranked out my first real fanfiction story, 'Cold Metal." However, part 2 wasn't going to be published, because there wasn't going to be another issue of Fanzing. Marc had interviewed with DC Comics and gotten the job of webmaster!

    I took over Fanzing from Marc just for fun, in order to publish the second half of Cold Metal and turn out many of the articles I had running through my mind. That first year of Fanzing was a lot of fun, and quite productive for me. In the quest for new talent, I made new friends online and began making many contacts in the industry. And always in the back of my mind, I was hoping it would lead me to DC, too.

    However, one thing about the webmaster position at DC? It was kind of a sucky job back then. Marc kept in contact with me and relayed the difficulties he had in clearing any content to go on the web site. (As we can see now, DC's attitude towards the web site has clearly changed, as the site now rocks. Say what you will about that merger...something good came out of it.)

    Plus, the pay, while hardly skimpy, was probably the equivalent of working at Burger King to anyone in the N.Y.C. area. It certainly didn't seem like ample pay for doing web design for a big name company during the Internet boom. I once did a cost-comparison when someone asked me to move to N.Y.C. for a job, and I'd have to make $100,000 to live the same life you can live on $40,000 in Minneapolis. So, when one fine day Marc talked to me about how he was quitting and he wondered if I wanted him to suggest my name, I realized it wasn't an option.

    By late 1998, one year after restarting Fanzing, I had moved it to its own domain. I also had a girlfriend. In May 1999, we got married. A year after that, I'd lost my job when the Internet startup I was working for as webmaster realized that they couldn't keep paying me to be a webmaster and flying me out to San Francisco to stay in $200/night hotels when they didn't have a web site yet. So Melinda and I moved to Rochester, MN, where she could get her job back at the Mayo Clinic and I could find work doing whatever. I've been working at IBM for three years as a Internet something or other. I've never really been clear on my job title; it mostly involves sitting at the computer.

    Since then...I've gotten balder, I've gotten fatter, and I've gotten busier. Fanzing, as fulfilling as it is, is just too much to do. And I haven't even been doing the bulk of the work. That's entirely David R. Black, folks. For the last two years, David has been keeping the site chugging along when if it was up to me it would probably publish every three months.

    More importantly, it hasn't landed me a job at DC! Not that I expected it to fall into my lap, mind you...but working on Fanzing has et up time that I might have used for submissions or working on self-publishing. The time has come for a change, before I get too old to be a beginner in the industry.

    I don't regret letting this magazine continue as long as it could. In just the last year, I've met new talented people who have worked like mad for us, and we have enjoyed being an outlet for you to get to know them and see their work.

    But ending this magazine is not without regrets. Dozens of articles run through my head, wanting to manifest themselves on the site...but I never find the time. I didn't find the time to finish my "Emerald Authoritah!" story about Eric Cartman getting the Green Lantern ring, nor did I finish my feebs contest entry about the Vibe-era JLA. And I still need to find some components so I can finish the "Watchmen" desktop theme that Matt Morrison and I were working on over a year ago. (I'll post it in the downloaditude section if/when it ever is ready.)

    I intend to keep this site up as long as possible, in some form or another.

    Here's to you!I would like to thank all of the thousands of visitors to this site, and the hundreds of people subscribed to our mailing list, who have been with us and supported us.

    I must thank the 100+ contributors who have sent in artwork, stories and columns over the years. I hope this magazine was able to provide you with some exposure, and what's more I appreciate the friendships I've formed with many of you. I hope you will all continue to talk to me now that I can't do anything for you. :-)

    Finally, I would like to thank Phil Meadows, Chaim Keller, Nicolas Juzda, Erik Burnham, Rosaline Terrill, Yusuf Madhiya, Russ Yocum, Michael Condon, Matthew Rhys, John Wells and most especially David R. Black for handling the bulk of the workload this last year. Their tireless efforts to make sure that there was quality content here no matter how much Michael dropped the ball did not go unnoticed by me, and I hope you'll all give them a round of applause for their efforts. And thanks to Roz for the Fuzzball toasting, too.

    Thank you very much.

    I hope you'll all follow us onward as we continue on to other things, hopefully even greater things. We will be sure to keep you informed about any big events on our homepage. Thank you and good night.

    is Editor-In-Chief of He is the world's biggest Elongated Man fan and runs the only EM fan site. He lives in Rochester, MN.
    AIM: Fanzinger
    ICQ: 70101007

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