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    logo by Ben Grose

    by Michael Condon

    1) How did Ralph Dibny gain his superpowers?

    a) Rookie Central City police officer Ralph Dibny chased a gang of criminals into a chemical factory. They riddled him and a vat of experimental acid with machine gun bullets.  Due to his dormant metagene, the acid mixing with his blood gave him superpowers.

    b) As a young boy Ralph became fascinated with the "rubbermen" who performed in various carnivals.  When he got a little older he asked them about the source of their powers.  They either didn't know or didn't want the secret to get out, and told Ralph nothing useful.  However, he noticed that each of the "rubbermen" was a fan of Gingold soda, a rather unpopular drink due to most people's having severe allergies to gingold.  Ralph isolated the rubberizing chemical in the soda, an extract from the Yucatan's gingo tree, and thus was able to give himself powers far beyond those of the carnival workers who inspired him.

    c) A chemistry professor asked absentminded Gotham University college student Ralph Dibny to deliver a vial of a super elastic solution across town. Ralph got sidetracked by a boxing match and got the solution mixed up with his soda.

    d)  A teenaged Ralph Dibny was fooling around while on a class trip to a chemical factory and fell into a vat of acid.  His dormant metagene saved his life and enabled the acid going through his pores to give him super stretching power.

    2) What does Elongated Man do when he senses a mystery?

    a) He forms the top of his head into a deerstalker cap, (the cap that Sherlock Holmes has) and his eye into a magnifying glass.

    b) His nose twitches going from normal size to about a foot long.

    c) The top of his head triples in size making him resemble Hector Hammond for about a panel.

    d) His ears enlarge to the size of trumpets.

    3) Elongated Man first appeared as a guest in which hero's comic?

    a) Flash.

    b) Batman. In Detective Comics of course.

    c) Green Lantern.

    d) Superman.

    4) Which of the following once wrote Plastic Man's adventures?

    a) Mario Puzzo.

    b) Woody Allen.  

    c) Ernie Kovacs.

    d) Mickey Spillane.

    5) The Silver Age Jimmy Olsen got his elastic powers from a serum developed by which scientist?

    a)  Professor Phineas Potter.

    b)  Professor Emil Hamilton.

    c)  Professor Carter Nichols.

    d)  Professor Eustace Milo.

    6) The modern age Jimmy Olsen came down with a very painful elastic condition due to which of Superman's foes?

    a) Mr. Mxyzptlk.

    b) Mongul.

    c) Eradicator.

    d) Brainiac.

    7) The Silver Age Elastic Lad was an honorary member of which superhero group?

    a)  Teen Titans.

    b)  Justice League of America.

    c)  Legion of Superheroes.

    d). Supermen of America.

    8) The stretchable member of the Zoo Crew was what type of animal?

    a) Duck.

    b) Eel.

    c) Snake.

    d) Alligator.

    9) The sight of the misshapen elastic hero known as Stretch may be enough to make Ralph Dibny put away the gingold elixir and retire.  His constant stretching over the decades has caused his body to lose its ability to fall back into place and he now resembles a worm with four limb tentacles and a human face.  Stretch was a member of which super-team?

    a) Justice Experience.

    b) Blasters.

    c) Doom Patrol.

    d) Heroes Hotline.

    10) Which Metal Man should be able to stretch a given volume of its body the furthest based on the ductility of its constituent metal?

    a) Platinum.

    b) Gold.

    c) Mercury.

    d) Tin.

    11) What is so special about the stone in Sue Dibny's engagement ring?

    a) It's a zircon.

    b) It's made of inert white dwarf matter, a gift from Ralph's fellow JLA member the Atom.

    c) Superman made the diamond from a lump of coal for Ralph.

    d) It was part of the buried pirate's treasure that Ralph found in the story that includes Sue's first appearance.

    12) About how far can Elongated Man stretch, from the soles of his feet to the tips of his fingers?

    a) About a hundred feet. He was unable to reach the Trickster who was levitating near the 17th floor of an office building in Flash #205.

    b) About a thousand feet.  He once formed himself, with great difficulty, into a slide to rescue people from the top of the Lexcorp building during the Panic in the Sky storyline.

    c) About a kilometer.  That's how far he had to stretch to save Hawkman who was floating unprotected outside of the JLA satellite in Justice League of America #200.

    d) About ten miles.  In Justice League Europe #50, Sonar sent a number of nuclear missiles into the stratosphere.  Ralph was able to stretch up to one of them and disarm it.

    13) What was Plastic Man's comic book sidekick's name?

    a) Doiby Dickles.

    b) Hula Hula.

    c) Blooey Blue.

    d) Woozy Winks.

    14) Since the rebooted Chuck Taine didn't have bouncing powers, what was his connection to the Legion of Superheroes?

    a) He was president of the Legion's fan club.

    b) He's an architect who would design additions/repairs to the Legion's headquarters.

    c) He was R.J. Brande's assistant after Luornu Durgo resigned to become the Legionnaire Triad.

    d) He was Rokk Krinn's agent.  Cosmic Boy had originally come to Earth to get a job a Magno ball team.

    15) Plastic Man first appeared in which comic book?

    a) Police Comics #1.

    b) Plastic Man #1.

    c) Quality Comics #1.

    d) National Comics #1.

    16)  Most of Elongated Man's solo adventures involved him tussling with ordinary crooks and although he fought many super-villains in various incarnations of the Justice League, very few of the villains hated him more than any other leaguer.  However, Ralph has acquired one major league villain on his own.  This villain is capable of taking on powerhouses like the Flash or Green Lantern or even the entire League single handedly but has trouble fighting the stretchable sleuth.  Which villain, and why doesn't he just clobber Ralph on his way to fighting Superman?

    a) Gorilla Grodd.  Ralph's eccentric thought patterns are too difficult for his mind to get a hold of.   Elongated Man and Grodd are evenly matched physically.

    b) Brainiac.  Ralph Dibny befriended carnival mentalist Milton Fine when he was investigating the source of the India Rubber Men's abilities.  The little bit of Milton Fine that resides in Brainiac keeps the Coluan from effectively using his power against Elongated Man.  Elongated Man has become an important target for Brainiac to prove to himself that Fine's personality won't surface during a battle with Superman.

    c) Solomon Grundy. Solomon Grundy and Scarecrow were members of an incarnation of the Injustice Gang when the Red Tornado blew the Scarecrow's fear gas straight at him at the same time that the Elongated Man sprang at him.  He's had a phobic response to seeing the Elongated Man ever since.

    d)  Sonar.  The nature of Elongated Man's rubber body makes him able to absorb and rechannel sonic energy sent at him.

    17) What acts as Metamorpho's version of Kryptonite? Hey, he stretches so he's fair game for this quiz.

    a) Uranium.

    b) The Orb of Ra.  The Egyptian artifact that gave him his powers.

    c) The Staff of Anubis.  An Egyptian artifact created to protect the evil pharaoh Teth Sunub from the first person with Metamorpho's powers.

    d)  Lead.  

    18) Elongated Man recently joined which super hero group in order to make some money?

    a) The Doom Patrol.

    b) Heroes Hotline.

    c) The Power Company.

    d)  Sovereign Seven.

    19) What is Plastic Man's first name?

    a) Eddie.

    b) Eel.

    c) Patrick.

    d) Jack.

    20) What year, in real time, did Elongated Man join the Justice League?

    a) 1963.

    b) 1973.

    c) 1984.

    d) 1989.

    21) What code name does Plastic Man's son in the Kingdom Come universe use?

    a) Baby Plas.

    b) Plastic Man Junior.

    c) Rubberband Man.

    d) Offspring.

    22) What city does Elongated Man currently call home?

    a)  Central City.

    b)  Opal City.

    c)  Paris.

    d)  Keystone City.

    23) What did Plastic Man do for a living pre-Crisis?

    a)  He was an entertainer.

    b) He was a reporter.

    c) He was a government agent.  First for the FBI and then for the NBI, National Bureau of Investigation.

    d) That was never revealed.  Maybe he went back to being a crook when nobody was looking.

    24) As this is the last Fanzing Challenge, I thought I'd include the first quiz question I ever thought up.  It was long before I ever heard of Fanzing, possibly before the website existed.  I decided to make a quiz patterned on those in Wizard magazine that gave alternative plots to storylines that I thought were particularly bad.  The only one I remember now is the one I made for the worst storyline of the lot.  

    How did Marvel explain the Green Goblin's reappearance after being killed over twenty years ago?

    a)   The Jackal, a clone of a Professor Miles Warren who was obsessed with Gwen Stacy, injected one of the board of directors for Norman Osborne's company with the Green Goblin's DNA.  The DNA turned the man into a duplicate of the Green Goblin in both powers and memories and the Green Goblin clone picked up where the original left off.  The Jackal placed a genetic time bomb in the DNA he used for the injection so that the new Green Goblin would disintegrate three months after he was reborn.  This way the Jackal could get revenge on the Green Goblin for killing his Gwen Stacy.  At the end of this storyline, the Jackal said he had so much fun that he'd do it again.  Gwen Stacy was Peter Parker's long time girl friend when the Green Goblin killed her.   Mary Jane was a recurring character and Peter had dated her, but she became more important after Gwen Stacy died.  Norman Osborne was the original Green Goblin's secret identity.

    b) The Green Goblin survived getting impaled on his goblin glider due to a previously unknown healing factor.  He sneaked off to Europe and built a financial empire and bided his time for about seven years before striking out at Spiderman again.

    c) Kraven the Hunter's Voodoo priestess lover, resurrected the Green Goblin, Spiderman's greatest enemy, to kill Spiderman.  Why she didn't resurrect Kraven the Hunter wasn't explained.  Kraven committed suicide after he imprisoned Spiderman and captured Vermin, a villain who had defeated Spiderman.  Since he proved himself to be Spiderman's superior, he had nothing else to live for.

    d) As one of his contingency plans the Green Goblin imprinted his brainwaves onto an android's brain in order to ensure that his legacy would last forever.  The android activated about seven years after the Green Goblin's death.  Apparently there was some kill switch that the original Green Goblin and possibly his successor periodically threw to keep two competing Green Goblins from existing.  When the android activated it picked up where the original left off.


    1) B. A is fairly close to Plastic Man's origin except that Plastic Man was a thug who was gunned down by the police.  Chuck Taine got his Bouncing Boy powers when he confused a super-elastic formula for his soda at a robotic sports game.

    2) B.

    3) A.

    4) D. Mario Puzzo's work was edited by Stan Lee, but it was for a men's magazine that was put out by the same company that published Marvel comics.  Ernie Kovacs was an off-beat television pioneer.  To the best of my knowledge neither he nor Woody Allen ever wrote for a comics company.  Although, I do remember a Woody Allen themed comic in the Sunday Comics for a New York paper, probably the New York Daily News, that ran for a few weeks in the late 1970's

    5) A. Emil Hamilton is a one armed scientist who Superman's main technical advisor before John Henry Irons became a recurrent supporting character.  Carter Nichols was a Golden Age Batman supporting character who found a way to send people back in time through hypnosis.   Professor Milo, no first name known, was a Batman villain.  He once induced bat phobia into Batman, forcing him to temporarily take up the mantle of Starman.

    6) C.

    7) C. His initiation consisted of him being confronted by Legionnaires masquerading as his various alter-egos.  Bouncing Boy portrayed a morbidly obese Olsen. Colossal Boy was a giant half Olsen half turtle creature.  Cosmic Boy was Porcupine Boy Jimmy Olsen.  Chameleon Boy took over the Elastic Lad identity and his shapeshifting pet Proty II was a werewolf Jimmy Olsen.

    8) A. Movie star Byrd Rentals became the unflappable Rubber Duck when exposed to a strange meteor.  The young Plastic Man, Patrick O'Brien was nicknamed Eel due to his being lanky and able to get into narrow spaces.  The Elongator was a member of the Justa Lotta Animals superhero team.  The team was thought to be creations of Captain Carrot's cartoonist alter ego until the Zoo Crew found that they were funny animal heroes in their own separate universe, Earth C-.

    9) D.

    10) B.

    11) A. Ralph has said that he could only afford to give her phony jewelry but real feelings.  

    12) C. Ralph could probably stretch further except that blood won't properly flow through his attenuated circulatory system at these lengths.

    13) D. Doiby Dickles was the original Green Lantern's sidekick.  Hula Hula was Plastic Man's sidekick on the Plastic Man cartoon show.  Blooey Blue was the comedy relief for the 1940's feature Red White and Blue.  The three feature characters were each a member of a different branch of the armed services and they battled saboteurs and other enemies of the United States military.

    14) B.

    15) A. The book was published by Quality Comics.  National Comics #1 was another Quality comic.  This one featured Uncle Sam's first appearance.

    16) D. From Justice League Europe #50.  Probably Ralph's finest moment.

    17) B. It's the source of his powers, but brief exposure causes him intense pain and prolonged exposure would turn him into inanimate dust.

    18) A. He joined a team with the name Doom Patrol that was bankrolled by Thayer Jost.  His teammates were Beast Boy, Dr. Light and Metamorpho.  He left when Jost lost the rights to the Doom Patrol name and quit funding the team.   Seemed kind of out of character to me.  Especially since he left the book without attempting to solve the mystery of Robotman's disappearance.    

    19) B. Eel is a nickname.   Jack Cole was Plastic Man's creator.

    20) B.

    21) D. One of the weirder codenames I've ever seen.  Baby Plas was the name of the baby on the Plastic Man cartoon.  Rubberband Man is a very good song by Philadelphia soul band the Spinners.

    22) B. He moved there at the end of the Grand Guignol storyline in Starman.

    23) C.

    24) B.

    Mike Condon, Fanzing's trivia quiz guru, is a librarian who lives in Brooklyn.

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