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    Farewell to Dannell

    by Michael Hutchison

    Dannell Lites 1953-2002

    Dannell's Icon Dannell Lites was a fiction writer who had contributed 16 fiction stories to Fanzing over the last three years. The Dannell Lites Yahoo Group devoted to her DC and Marvel fanfiction stories has 125 devoted members, including some comic professionals with whom she was acquainted such as Legion artists Steve Lightle and Dave Cockrum. As a sign of just how well-connected a fan fiction writer Dannell was, it was none other than Lightle who broke the sad news via message board that Dannell had passed away September 16, 2002 from complications of diabetes:

    A friend to many of us in Legion fandom has gone to her eternal reward.

    It is always hard to accept the passing of a person who, by their presence with us, has enriched us. Dannell Lites was just such a person.

    Dannell was one of those rare people who possessed both great insight and a generous and gentle spirit. When Dannell arrived at a comic convention, or made her presence known on a message board or a discussion group, such as LegionPics, she always had a positive effect. She always managed to bring out the best in her friends and acquaintances. She showed us by her example that grace and kindness were virtues to be greatly valued.

    I will miss Dannell Lites. I know that my wife Marianne will miss her. I know that all those who knew her will miss her, and that the news of her passing will be so difficult for so many. My deepest sympathy goes out to those who grieve for their friend Dannell. I understand your loss.

    I am told that Dannell Lites died of natural causes, that her physical body simply failed her. My personal belief is that she has entered eternity. I am comforted to know that Dannell is now free of all of the pains that she endured in this mortal life.

    Whatever your personal beliefs may be, I encourage you all to remember our friend Dannell. She will always be special to us.

    Sincerely, Steve Lightle

    Dannell was a fun lady to talk to, for all of her messages would be done in a Scarlett O'Hara style. We enjoyed her work here at Fanzing because of her love of the wide DCU. At a time when we were flooded with stories about Nightwing having heart to heart talks with the people in his life, Dannell sent us only three such stories. The rest of her work covered such a wide array of characters as Krypto and Ace the Bat-Hound, Mon-El, Enemy Ace, Angel and the Ape, Clayface and Azrael.

    Dannell's MarkerNot much is known about Dannell's family situation, for her body went unclaimed and she was buried in a pauper's grave (presumably somewhere around Kansas City, where she passed away). The surest evidence of the true devotion of her fans is that they took up a collection and have purchased a marker with her messageboard icon on it!

    We at Fanzing miss her terribly, both for her fine works and her "Ah do declare" e-mails.

    For those of you who would like to read, or re-read, Dannell's fiction submissions, we have included links below.

    Fiction by Dannell Lites

    The Hammer of Hell -- Dannell Lites -- Baron Hans Von Hammer meets some characters who aren't exactly WWI era!
    Letting Go -- Dannell Lites -- Dick Grayson copes with Batman's death.
    Conversation With A Legend -- Dannell Lites -- A pre-reboot Valor story dealing with his unwanted status as the "Messiah" of the 30th Century
    Sixteen Candles -- Dannell Lites -- So Superboy is ALWAYS going to be sixteen, eh?
    Robin's Song -- Dannell Lites -- A Nightwing story narrated by Nightwing
    The Chair -- Dannell Lites -- Nightwing reacts to the events following Knightfall.
    It's A Dog's Life -- Dannell Lites -- Krypto sponsors Ace the Bathound for membership in the Space Canine Patrol Agency
    Smalltown Boy -- Dannell Lites -- An Elseworlds tale of Clark Kent and Mon El!
    Emerald Legacy -- Dannell Lites -- What if Lar Gand (Mon-El) joined the Green Lantern Corps?
    Heart of a Champion -- Dannell Lites -- A pre-Legion tale of Cosmic Boy Rokk Krin!
    Last Herald of Galactus -- Dannell Lites
    Hooray For Hollywood! -- Dannell Lites -- Angel and the Ape vs. Clayface
    Insect Queen -- Dannell Lites -- Lana Lang vs. Poison Ivy
    DC TV: A Gathering of Angels -- by Dannell Lites -- Azrael meets the "Touched By An Angel" cast!
    Part of the Game -- by Dannell Lites -- A killer is stalking Olympic athletes Wally West, Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon!
    Holy Terror 2: Picking Up The Pieces -- by Dannell Lites -- A sequel to the Cromwellian-era Batman Elseworlds of the same name!

    is Editor-In-Chief of He is the world's biggest Elongated Man fan and runs the only EM fan site. He lives in Rochester, MN.
    AIM: Fanzinger
    ICQ: 70101007

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