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End of Summer
Sector 2814

We still need a new theme for our art gallery. The sector 2814 thing was fun, but now that I'm the Spectre ….Well, it doesn't really work. How about "Spectral Images" or "After Life Artistry?"

Anyone have any better ideas?

This month we have art from two talented artists - Marla F. Fair and Yusuf Madhiya!

Mouser "Mouser" by Marla F. Fair. Marla writes that "This is just one of my visions of him. My inspiration for the pair (as seen on the index page) was Rudolf Nureyev for the Mouser and Max Von Sydow for Faf. Mr. [Fritz] Leiber, the duo's creator, told me once in a letter that after seeing 'Butch Cassiday and the Sundance Kid' he saw them as Newman and Redford. Makes you wonder about the writer's own vision sometimes. *grin*"

When the Sea King's Away "When The Sea King's Away" by Marla F. Fair. Marla's inspiration from this scene came from the story of the same name in Lieber's book Swords in the Mist.

Warlord "Warlord" by Yusuf Madhiya. Yusuf recreated the cover to Warlord #132!

Bazaar of the Bizarre "Bazaar of the Bizarre" by Marla F. Fair. One of Marla's all time favorites, the story of the bizarre bazaar (say that five times fast!) comes from Swords of Death.

Loki and Odin "Loki & Odin Rime Isle Blue" by Marla F. Fair. The pair of Norsemen appeared in Swords and Ice Magic.

Arion "Arion" by Yusuf Madhiya. Yusuf was originally going to use this pic of the Lord of Atlantis as wallpaper for his PC, but decided to send it in!

Claws in the Night "Claws in the Night" by Marla F. Fair. The inspiration for this scene came from Lieber's story "Claws from the Night" in the Swords Against Death book.

Afreyt and Cif "Afreyt and Cif" by Marla F. Fair. Just like "Loki and Odin" this is also taken from "Rime Isle."

Zatanna "Zatanna" by Yusuf Madhiya. We end with Yusuf's take on the ex-JLA member.

As always, Fanzing invites you to contribute any fan artwork you may have! Just send it to your old dead buddy Hal!

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