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The Quotable Warlord

The following are a collection of inspiring, humorous, or just flat out good quotes from the Warlord series. Credit should be given to Warlord scribes Mike Grell, Cary Burkett, and Michael Fleisher for writing such great dialogue. Enjoy!

On Morgan's gun (Warlord #49):

Shakira: "You treat that thing better than most men treat a woman."

Morgan: "I take care of it, it takes care of me. Show me a woman who can stop a charging grizzly bear…"

On Life and Death

Warlord #14

Morgan: Life, with all its pain and anguish is precious, and I'll be damned if I give mine up without a fight!"

Warlord #32

Shakira: "I would rather die at the side of a man like this [Morgan] than live a slave to monsters like you!"

Warlord #46

Morgan: Have you come for me so soon?

Death: I have never been apart from you, my champion. I have walked where you walked - drunk the lives you have spilled. I am ever at your side. You have heard my song in the roar of your pistol and the shriek of your slashing blade. It is I who strikes through your hand. You serve me well, Morgan. It pleases me that you should continue for a time. But I will have you in the end….

On life in Skartaris

Warlord #16

Caption: There comes a time when you have to forget about the fancy footwork and just put your head down and run like Hell…."

Warlord #32

Morgan: "You can't put people in chains and expect them not to fight back! You could use the knowledge you possess to help [these people] out of the stone age, but instead you use it to subjugate them, and because of that, there will always be someone to fight."

Warlord #32

Morgan: Are you a cat who becomes a woman…or a woman who becomes a cat?

Shakira: Now, Morgan! I have to have some secrets!

Warlord #38

Morgan: "I wasn't about to leave Hellfire down there….Magic swords are harder to come by than honest politicians."

Warlord #45

Dwarf: "It has what it came for, and we will be safe now."

Morgan: "For now, yeah. But what about later? Does everything in this forest prey upon you people?"

Dwarf: "It's our curse, I'm afraid. We are rather succulent."

Warlord #73

Morgan: "Everything in this place is always trying to eat every other blasted thing!"

Warlord #129

Danny Maddox: "He'll scarf her down like a blasted twinkie!….I gotta help her!"

Annual #1

Morgan {having just killed a giant spider}: "Well, no matter how big they get, I guess they're all squishable."

The Morgan - Tara Relationship:

Warlord #62

Morgan: "Tara…I'll be back."

Tara {watching him leave}: "Change the locks."

Warlord #74

Tara: "You pop in and out of my life whenever the mood strikes you - and you expect me to welcome you with open arms? I don't know when I'll see you …. if I'll ever see you again! Whenever I really need you, you're always somewhere else! Something's changed in you, Morgan. You used to be a man with a vision - a dream of freedom for all men. But no longer. That dream died some time ago. Now all you want to do is go out adventuring… satisfy your lust for action! Fine…then go! But I told you last time, Morgan, that if you left, not to come back."

Warlord #74

Tara: "Dammit! I swore I'd never let you back into my life again! I know you'll never change, Morgan! But I love you! I can't deny that….you are a part of me."

Warlord #75

Tara: "I can't leave my people to go wandering with you, and your restless nature won't let you stay here with me. Where does that leave us, Morgan?"

Warlord #90

Tara: "Are - are you all right?"

Morgan: "I'll live, but it may be hard to hold a sword for a few days."

Tara: "In that case….Why don't you hold me instead?

Morgan: Hmmm…You talked me into it. {They kiss}

Warlord Miniseries #5

Morgan: "Every bloody time I come home you break my nose!"

Tara: "Call it tradition."

On Shakira:

Warlord #36

Shakira: "Go ahead! Make a fool of yourself! See if I care!"

Morgan: "What about you?"

Shakira: "I prefer the company of creatures with more sense!" {She transforms and leaves with another cat}

Warlord #55

Tara: "Be careful of that one, m'lord. She'd bear your heirs in litters!"

Warlord #63

Morgan: "Sounds like sour grapes to me. I take it that life with Ashir proved to be more than you'd hoped?"

Shakira: "Constant advances contrived by even a dashing rogue are not my idea of a good time."

Morgan: "So why did you stay in Kaambuka?"

Shakira: "Greed, pure and simple -- an endless supply of grain fed rodents does become addictive."

Warlord #85

Morgan: "We're in trouble, Shakira!"

Shakira: "Tell me something I don't know!"

Morgan: "Okay…Ashir once told me that he has a birthmark in an unusual place…or maybe you do know that."

Shakira: "Cute, Morgan."

Warlord #112

Shakira: "<Cough>. If you make me swim one more time, Morgan, I'll scratch your eyes out!"

Warlord Miniseries #4

Tinder: "You're her! The cat-lady! Er….that is….the lady-cat….uhhhh…."

Shakira: "Confusing, isn't it? Actually, either will do…."

On Travis Morgan's character:

Warlord #46

Caption: "In Travis Morgan's breast beats the heart of a warrior! Savage! Restless! It quickens at the promise of things to come…dangers unfaced….challenges unmet. This is his curse."

Warlord #46

Morgan: "You've taken everything I ever loved."

Death: "That is the way of it."

Morgan: "It's not fair"

Death: "What do you consider 'fair'?"

Morgan: "I don't know -- it just seems like a man ought to have a chance."

Warlord #75

Tara: "You'll never change Morgan…I know that. You will always continue to run from your responsibilities".

Warlord #90

Patch: "I know your type -- fearless in a fight, rushing from one great deed of glory to another. But when it comes down to the sweat and work of building on the dreams you've inspired, you run away to play hero somewhere else!"

Warlord #90

Tara: "We're trapped!"

Morgan: "Well, I'm not giving up without a fight! And whatever happens, Tara, always remember - I love you."

Warlord #123

Morgan: "Sword's gone. I'm a mess of cuts and bruises, and unless I'm sadly mistaken….I've just qualified for membership in the broken ribs club. But that doesn't mean I'm through with this big lug."

Warlord #126

Jennifer: "This world needs you, Morgan."

Warlord #129

Aoife: "Inner strength and a good heart emanate from you like an aura, Morgan. But these great gifts are also tinged with bitterness."

Warlord Miniseries #5

Tinder: We met once…long ago. You told me stories of a wondrous world of flying machines and horseless chariots and cities that touched the sky. A world where the sun disappears to be replaced by a blanket of dark dotted with diamonds.

Morgan: (sardonically) Yeah. I tell that one a lot.

Warlord Miniseries #6

Tinder: "I came seeking the Warlord…the legend. I found Travis Morgan, the man. But now with nations united under one banner, the legend will become reality. He will lead us to the glory he spoke of so long ago."

Tara: "I think not….He's already left."

On the Legend of the Warlord

Warlord #90

Old Man: "So the pressure is starting to get to you, eh? It isn't easy being a legend! A man is not a name! Some men are greater than their names…others have names greater than they are! And the name of the Warlord, that is a name to be reckoned with! But does the man live up to the name? Maybe that's what troubles you, eh?"

Warlord Miniseries #3

Machiste: "They wanted [Morgan] to be the legend. He told me that it was like being a 'gunslinger' - that was his word - Somebody always wanted you to prove it."

Warlord Miniseries #5

Tinder: "I came in search of the legend --"

Morgan: "Legend!?! Kid, you're looking for something that doesn't exist."

Tinder: "And yet, here you are."

Morgan: "Yeah, and I kilt me a ba'ar when I was only three."

Tinder: "What?"

Morgan: "Being a legend isn't always what it's cracked up to be, kid. You always have to prove it to someone. And you never get used to the look."

Tinder: "The look?"

Morgan {gesturing at a mirror}: "That one. Disappointment."

Always Expect the Unexpected!

Any issue

Caption: "In the savage world of Skartaris, life is a constant struggle for survival. Here, beneath an unblinking orb of eternal sunlight, one simple law prevails: If you let your guard down for an instant, you will soon be very dead."

Warlord #40

Mariah: "But that's impossible! It's only a myth -- a fable!"

Mongo Ironhand: "Oh, come now! Here you are, a Russian woman from the 20th century running around in a lost world at the center of the Earth in your BVD's….Trapped in the age of the Wizard Kings, eons before your own time, and you're telling me what's impossible?"

Warlord #45

Morgan: "It [a cyclops] crossed here."

Aton: "What are we waiting for?"

Shakira: "For a sudden attack of common sense! If we do catch up to it, what then?"

Warlord #85

Soldier #1: "One had a helmet like -- like a Viking, armed with a sword and an ancient gunpowder weapon! The other was both c-cat and woman!"

Soldier #2: "Sounds like a drunkard's dream!"

David R. Black is's magazine editor and chief archivist. A big fan of "The Warlord," he has a cat named Shakira and is looking for a girlfriend named Tara....

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