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Mailbag's light regarding the most recent issue...

From: Raphael Laufer

Subject: B&B

Ummm... there's a typo in your quiz -- B&B's first issue was in 1955, not 1935.

Raphael Laufer

Systems Planning and Analysis, Inc.

2000 North Beauregard Street, Suite 400

Alexandria, Virginia 22311-1712

From: Eternal Angel

Subject: JSA Timeline

Hi there, in regards to the JSA timeline I found one mistake - PowerGirl wasn't trapped in limbo with the others. Dr Fate, Power Girl and Star-Spangled Kid all escaped as mentioned in the step-by-step recount but PG was listed as trapped in the year-by-year membership.

Also, didn't Johnny Quick actually become a member in the 1992 series which introduced Jesse Quick....? :)

Already fixed...thanks for keeping us on our toes! As for Johnny actually having been a member in the 1992 series - the jury is still out on that. He doesn't seem to have participated in too many other of the adventures in that series.



I have said this over and over again. There will never be another Wolfman Perez run on the Titans. Even if there were to be it wouldn't be the same! The 80's are over we have to move on...I hate the idea to O.K. but that is life. I think Young Justice and The Titans should be tied into one another. Maybe The Titans could go in a whole other direction w/ new members like FireStorm and the New Azrael. There is a lot that could be done.


...but heavy with responses from archive-surfers! Welcome aboard, you guys!

From: klien

Subject: Superman and Man [from issue # 27]

"Superman and Man" is a very moving and fantastic story. i hope it can be prodced as a book and pert of the money can be beneficial to the Man.

Thanks, Fanzing, and thanks the writer that allows me to read on it.


Merry Christmas


From: Xorr the God Jewel

Subject: Re: An article by Michael Hutchison on saving the comic industry

Hi! Congratulations on an excellent comic article on saving the comic industry! I read it here:

I'd like to thank Mr. Hutchison for that great analysis. I've been saying the same thing to friends for years now. I'd like to forward the following information to him, which he can use if he likes in any further articles on the subject. I did some research some time ago, and it definitely supports his view.

From a letter I wrote to some friends:


Here's a breakdown of actual comic prices vs. actual minumum wage. I used key years, each year being years in which comics went up in price.

1960 - Comics cost $0.10, minimum wage was $1.00. You got 10 comics for working 1 hour.

1961 - Comics cost $0.10, minimum wage was $1.15. You got 11 comics for working 1 hour, with money left over to buy gum. (No price increase in comics, but you got 11 issues for an hour, so I included it). :-)

1965 - Comics cost $0.12, minimum wage was $1.25. You got 10 comics for working 1 hour, and enough left over to buy gum.

1970 - Comics cost $0.15, minimum wage was $1.60. You got 10 comics for working 1 hour, with money left over to buy gum.

1974 - Comics cost $0.20, minimum wage was $2.00. You got 10 comics for working 1 hour.

1976 - Comics cost $0.25, minimum wage was $2.10. You got 8 comics for working 1 hour, with money left for gum.

1977 - Comics cost $0.30, minimum wage was $2.30. You got 7 comics for working 1 hour,with money left to buy gum.

1978 - Comics cost $0.35, minimum wage was $2.65. You got 7 comics for working 1 hour, with money left to buy gum.

1980 - Comics cost $0.40, minimum wage was $3.10. You got 7 comics for working 1 hour, with money left over for gum.

1981 - Comics cost $0.50. Minimum wage was $3.35. You got 6 comics for working 1 hour, with money left over for gum.

I don't have data for comics by year in the 80's...kinda lost track. But let's look at today's prices:

2002 - Comics cost $2.95. Minumum wage is $5.15. You get ONE SINGLE comic book for working 1 hour, with perhaps enough money left over for a candy bar or Slurpee.

Between 1960 and 1975 (a decade and a half) kids were able to buy 10 (or even 11) comics for working one hour.

From 1976 to 1980 they still got 7 or 8 comics for working one hour. In 1981 they still got 6 comics for that hour. During the 80's and 90's it gradually falls to where we are today...ONE comic for an hour's work.


Hope this helps!


Bob Paluch

Excellent analysis, Bob! Definitely something the industry folks should take notice of when they wonder what's happened to the flow of new readers...

From: Tammy

Subject: Is Wonder Woman Gay? [from issue # 27]

This was a great article. As a woman who 'plays for the other team' I have to say I've pondered it now and again. Mostly, I'd like to see Wonder Woman be someone besides an idealized woman. I think there are many layers within her character to work with, one of them, perhaps, being her need to portray herself as the ideal female, ideal hero and the Amazons' greatest daughter. Of course, these depths will continue to be unmined by DC in their efforts to not offend a bunch of people who aren't reading their comics anyway. As far as Amazons go, I put my money on Donna Troy. She has a similar background as Wonder Woman, but she has been shaped into a real person by the many trials and events in her life. She's had and lost a child, she's seen her marriage break up... And somehow she's still a very kind, feminine person--a true sister to her Titans teammates and official Mother Hen. I know some people call this her 'weapy chick-nature' but that is what draws me more to Donna as a character than Diana. As a woman, DONNA is who I'd want on my side, being a friend I can cry with, but who'll also kick the world's ass for me if she thinks I've been wronged. Part of the problem is Diana's current lack of a serious social life outside being this monolithic super hero. She only has history and politics to talk about because all she has is her work. Thinking back to JLA 51--she's Wonder Woman all the time, and she HAS no real life as "Diana" any more. BATMAN has more of a life outside of heroing than she does, which is just plain sad. Batman also has less of a wall up around himself than she does. I'm all FOR variety in the types of super heroes out there, so I'm not saying she needs to have a social life, or even that having a life out of heroing is NECESSARY, character wise, but certainly there are some depths that can be explored as to the hows and whys of her current solitary state, how it REALLY affects her and what it REALLY means. Exploring this, and her character further could even clear up the 'gay' issue (either way it turns out--that's nor important--better character writing is). She needs to be more of a person like Donna and less of a monolith, then people would stop spreading rumors in an effort to find depths in a character where currently none are written. Thank you for reading my response.


From: Tobias Brad-W19139

Subject: Where is installment 18 of Choices ????

I need to have a conclusion !! Please

We've been hearing that a lot, I'm sorry to say. The price of free entertainment, though, is that we can't really demand performance on schedule. When Marilee is ready to send it to us, she will, and you'll see it.

From: rich bresenhan

That jli I caught looked good, I assume it's under ciniplex on the site, I try to click on it and I get an error reading it's forbidden on my server (road runner). Any other way I can view these episodes?


PS love your site!

Our editor, Michael Hutchison, replies:

I don't know when you saw JLI, but we haven't hosted the movies on the Cineplex for some time. Steven Conroy (the movie-maker) parted ways with Fanzing some months ago when there was some controversy over his alleged usage of figures created by other 3D designers. We are hoping that sometime we might host movies again, but no other moviemakers have stepped up to the plate yet. And as time goes by, we continue to fill up our alloted 350 megs of site space. Concerns about filespace and bandwidth transfer may prevent us from ever being movie hosts again. And yes, I'm as bummed about all of this as everyone else who visits looking for the Cineplex. People wondering where our Cineplex is account for many of our site's searches every month, and I hate to disappoint our visitors. Thank you for the kind words about the site!

...and this letter falls under the category, I suppose, of "community service"...

From: Erik Fritjofson

Subject: Bloodlines

I am creating the first major site on the Internet devoted to the largely unsuccessful crossover Bloodlines. If you could send me scans (images) if you have any, bios, or anything about that crossover that you have, I would be very grateful. I'll give you credit once my site is done.


Well, we'll try to about it, everyone?

So that's our mailbag for this issue...see you next month!

Letters Editor Chaim Mattis Keller, aka Legion-Reference-File Lad, is a computer programmer who lives in New York City with his wife and four children.

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