Too Many Long Boxes!

End of Summer
The Sleep Deprived Crank
by assistant editor David R. Black

"I like having people know who we are, what we're all about. Laboring in obscurity is for monks. We all work too hard here for our efforts to go unnoticed."
--- Dick Giordano, DC Executive Editor, 1987.

Fanzing is on the move.

And we haven't been shy in letting our readers know it.

Our new site layout and redesigned columns will debut next month, and this issue sets into motion some of the changes Editor Hutchison decided to make a few months ago. For example, timeliness in publishing issues has been a concern raised by readers and contributors alike. Fanzing's publishing schedule is notoriously erratic, but we've made definite improvements in the past year. We published twelve issues in 2001, one a month, meeting one of the goals we set in late 2000.

Even better is that we published twelve issues without diminishing the quality readers have come to expect from Fanzing's articles, fiction, artwork, and columns. Obviously, our success in this area is directly attributable to the hard work and diligence of Fanzing's contributors.

But we can still improve.

To continue improving, one major goal is to plan and better organize Fanzing on an issue by issue basis. One of Fanzing's drawing cards is that readers never know exactly what the next issue will bring. Sure, the issue's theme might be known, but readers are never quite sure what else we might have in store for them. Fanzing's contributors routinely have a surprise or two up their sleeves.

Unfortunately, this element of surprise is a double edged sword. Although it attracts an audience, it's absolutely murder on Michael and myself. Some months we have no idea if we'll have any submissions! Ultra the Multi Alien Month may have sounded like a good idea initially, but will anybody submit anything?

This issue is the first step towards improved planning.

Collaboration with artist Yusuf Madhiya ensured that we'd have a front and back cover for this issue. Communication with D.J. LoTempio and Douglas Ethington ensured that we'd have suitably themed articles for the issue. Even better, all three contributors submitted their finished work more than two weeks ahead of the deadline!

From an editorial standpoint, one of my New Year's resolutions is to begin formatting issues prior to the submittal deadline, rather than after. (I'm even writing this column a week and a half early.) Increased collaboration and cooperation, just like Phil Meadows mentioned last month, will go a long way towards achieving this goal

Next month's Reboot issue will another of our planned changes. The old Sector 2814 art gallery has needed a good reworking for a long time (ever since Hal Jordan became the Spectre), and the new art gallery will knock your socks off. Artist Phil Meadows has really done a bang up job!

Fanzing's also looking for a new writer (or two) to write a new monthly column. What kind of column, you ask? What should the column focus on? Well, anything you want!

With the departure of Mark Gillins' "Gillin' With the Homeboys," Joey Fuentes' "Senseless Stats," Mario diGiacomo's "Vanishing Point" and Ben Grose's "Superman 101," we've been in a pinch for columnists. Even the "Brainstorm's Corner," "Comics Cabana" and "Hall of Justice" columns have been on life support for the past year.

"The Mount," Matt Morrison's eclectic column, has been a steady drawing card for us, and an additional column (or two) will provide us with an awesome one-two punch. If interested in launching a new column or revamping an old one, please send an e-mail to

Looking back at the year 2001, I can't help but smile at all we've accomplished. Among the highlights:

  • The April Fool's issue actually fooled some of our readers! Our contributors had a blast cutting loose and letting their wild sides shine.
  • The shopping section was revamped and vastly improved thanks to the hard work of Editor Michael Hutchison. Hopefully, use of the shopping section will increase and help offset Fanzing's server costs.
  • Fanzing's writing and art challenges were wildly successful. The "Villainy on Vacation" and "Vile Vial" fiction sagas deserve trade paperback status. The swimsuit and painting parody art challenges deserve a portfolio type publication.
  • I often wonder how a printed version of "The Best of Fanzing" would sell in comic shops. With issue #50 coming up this year, it's certainly something to think about. We sure have enough high quality material.
  • Fanzing was nominated for an Eagle Award for the second year in a row. The winners haven't been announced yet, so we still might win! Even if we're a bridesmaid again, it's great to be nominated. It shows we're doing something right!
  • New writers and artists have joined the ranks. Response to our Legion and Archers issue, to name two, was astounding. We had over a dozen articles (not counting columns and fiction) in the Legion issue alone!

Doubtless, there are many other highlights I'm forgetting, and I'm positive 2002 will bring many more. Just like the opening quote from Dick Giordano states, tell your friends, tell your family, tell your neighbors, tell your enemies....Heck, tell everybody:

Fanzing is on the move.

David R. Black is's magazine editor and chief archivist. A big fan of "The Warlord," he has a cat named Shakira and is looking for a girlfriend named Tara....

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