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A Handy Table

Print this out and keep it near your desk, or bookmark this page. The following codes should prove useful.

Coding What It Does
<p> </p> Paragraph tags. Put these around text in order to indicate that the text is a paragraph.
<b> </b> Bold tags. Put these around words to make them appear bold.
  Italic tags. Put these around words to make them appear italicized.
<br /> Break tag. This will start text on a new line within a paragraph or a heading.
<h1> </h1>
<h2> </h2>
<h3> </h3>
<h4> </h4>
<h5> </h5>
<h6> </h6>
Heading tags. These tags around text will indicate that they are headings, such as titles, subheadings, author name, etc. There are six levels of headings, H1 being the largest, H6 being the smallest. You'll want to use some CSS coding with certain tags, as you'll see below.
<hr /> OR
<hr width="50%" />
Horizontal rule tags. These make a small horizontal line across the page, used to divide your piece into sections or chapters. You can use the simple form of the tag at the top, or add [width="50%"] to make the line 1/2 the width of the text area.
&copy; OR &#169; Either one of those codes will produce a ©
For more, see the entity sheet.
&uuml; OR &#252; Either one of these codes makes the ü in Blüdhaven.
For more, see the entity sheet.
<h1 class="title"> </h1> Put these tags around the title of your piece.
<h2 class="author"> </h2> Put these header tags around your name beneath the title.
<h3 class="pretitle"> </h3> Put these tags around the pretitle (the smaller text above your title).
<h3 class="subtitle"> </h3> Put these tags around the subtitle (the smaller text below your title).
<h3 class="chapter"> </h3> Put these tags around chapter headings within your piece.

For more useful codes, see the entity sheet.

Links You'll Need

The best tutorial I've found on CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is at Cnet's That site is a great resource for web design tutorials on a number of subjects.

Other good tutorial sites are and ZDNet's Developer.

Arachnophilia is available for downloading at

Want a complete list of character entities (the codes for making ü, © and the rest)? You can find one at Webmonkey:


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